Ludwig Interview Is Shut Down By Twitch

Ludwig, who was once Twitch’s most-subscribed streamer, has since left the platform to focus solely on YouTube. Ludwig left Twitch because YouTube offered him a better deal, as previously stated, but he also expressed the impression that Twitch didn’t care whether he left or not. Despite this, he appeared to have no hard feelings toward the streaming platform after leaving, but a recent stream with TheStockGuy suggests that this isn’t the case.

TheStockGuy is a Twitch streamer who streams his daily stock trading. TheStockGuy was also the host of a Twitch-produced interview show. Ludwig called in to talk about stocks and finances during one of TheStockGuy’s recent daily streams. TheStockGuy explained to Ludwig why his scheduled appearance on the interview show had been canceled during their conversation and explained that he invited Ludwig to appear as the last interview of the previous season in order to end the year “on a high note.” Ludwig reportedly agreed, and the two began preparing for the show. Despite TheStockGuy’s best efforts, Twitch turned down Ludwig’s request to be a guest on the interview show at the last minute.

Twitch didn’t say why Ludwig was turned down, but TheStockGuy had some theories.

Ludwig had signed with YouTube that is why TheStockGuy theorized that Twitch didn’t want him prominently featured on the platform. He claimed he asked Twitch executives several times if they were truly upset with Ludwig, only to be told no each time. 

Of course, Twitch hasn’t publicly stated that it has a grudge against Ludwig, but TheStockGuy’s experience suggests that the company may take a major streamer’s departure personally, at least to some extent.

Ludwig laughed it off and quickly changed the subject, and the two began talking about how Ludwig’s YouTube experience is going. Ludwig’s YouTube career started off badly, with multiple bans and copyright issues plaguing his early days on the platform. Ludwig, on the other hand, appears to be making the transition work, despite Twitch’s apparent displeasure.

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