Ludwig Picks On Viewer

Ludwig Ahgren‘s latest stream took a hilarious turn when he responded to a comment from a viewer. Ludwig demonstrated his resolute nature by tunneling into the audience.

Ludwig is a well-known content creator who recently switched from Twitch to YouTube as a streaming platform. Given his popularity on the latter, a viewer named Edmond remarked on Ahgren’s recent YouTube stream’s low viewership and he immediately targeted one of his viewers who’s going so far as to praise the entire viewers while excluding Edmond.

A viewer commented on Ludwig’s latest stream having relatively fewer views in an attempt to highlight the difference in viewership following Ludwig’s switch from Twitch to YouTube.

This comment, unfortunately for Edmond, backfired when Ahgren called them out. Ahgren chastised the audience for their lack of social engagements and chastised them for watching him stream on a Friday night.

Ahgren doubled down on his insults by responding to them specifically. Ahgren quickly realized, however, that his YouTube audience had misinterpreted the roast and assumed he was speaking to them all. He quickly clarified the misunderstanding, describing his chat as “cool” for watching his stream.

To enrage Edmond even more, Ahgren praised the rest of his audience, thanking them for taking the time to listen to him. He sneered and pointed at his camera as he did so, excluding Edmond from the group.

For this decision, Ahgren went so far as to say that he respected his audience. He went on to explain how he was impressed by their decision to schedule social engagements for the weekend and spend the end of the workweek watching his stream.

Fans were astounded by Ahgren’s resolve and expressed their feelings about the video. Some people were amused by Ahgren’s perseverance.

On Twitch, the content creator was extremely popular, and he even held the record for having the most subscribers. On November 30, 2021, he announced his switch to YouTube Gaming and has been streaming there ever since.

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