LuluLovely Falls For Banking Scam

Banking scams are a common problem for years. A popular Twitch streamer shared the story of how she was scammed $5,000 by a scammer.

If they have a long history of using their number for phone purposes, people may use it to register for online services.

People will begin to receive fake messages that look genuine if this happens. LuluLovely was sent a fraudulent notification by her bank. She followed the instructions.

LuluLovely claims that when she received a text message claiming that someone wanted to transfer $5,000 to her Zelle account she immediately informed the bank it wasn’t.

After exchanging messages with the scammer she was informed that someone from fraud would contact her to help her secure her account. After being instructed to deposit $5,000 in her Zelle account, the scammer asked her to check her email and look for a code. She did so and was able to give the scammer full access to her entire account.

LuluLovely continued to claim that another bank sent her an email stating that someone had created a Zelle account and used her email address to set it up. She realized that this scammer was going to transfer $5,000 to herself and she wouldn’t see the money again.

You can verify the authenticity of any text messages or emails you get by calling your bank directly. LuluLovely was scammed, but her experience is a learning opportunity.



banking scams are a popular problem for years and people were using their phone number to register online services. One banking scam led to LuluLovely losing $5,000 when they were scammed by someone who created a fake Zelle account. They followed the instructions given to them and lost everything.

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