Lululuvely: Fires Back at Sexist Troll

Twitch Luluvely, an Apex Legends streamer has been fed up of the crude comments she received in her Twitch chat. She decided to respond and offer a great response.

Trolls on chat, especially for female streamers, have been a problem in stream sniping and cheating as well as hacking.

Trolling is a common part of online life and almost every YouTuber, streamer or celebrity online gets it. While most streamers ignore trolling in chat and continue their stream, Luluvely, a Twitch streamer has come up with an entertaining response. She managed to make them laugh during a live stream.

Luluvely was playing Apex Legends while she was on her stream, and one viewer made a comment stating that “Who gave women controllers?”. She then suggested that streamers should spend more time in the kitchen than playing on the stream.

Luluvely, a Twitch streamer decided to respond with an excellent response after reading the above. Let me tell you, she said, “Alright, man. Go build me a roof. Get your wallet out of the way. Alright? You f**king wallet, where’s your allowance? You f**king male. “You f**king male.” Twitch streamer Luluvely was smiling the whole time and clearly enjoyed roasting viewers.

Then she told the troll to repair her fence, and then called him wallet. Lulu also told the viewer to chop some wood and change her oil.


28 years10 October 1993

Quitting mid-stream due to being overwhelmed by negativity, the streamer mentioned that she was being “pushed over the edge.” Twitch: LuluLuvely NRG’s star streamer, LuluLuvely, quit mid-stream due to chat toxicity.16-Jun-2021

Biography. “Valkyrae” was born on January 8th, 1992 in Washington, United States. She is a full-time Twitch streamer since 2016, playing games like The Walking Dead, Bloodborne and Fortnite, game which gave her a big growth of popularity.21-Feb-2022

Kaitlyn Michelle “Amouranth” Siragusa

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NRG Lulu on Twitter: “@ironronan I’m not a pro and this is literally for content LMAO 🤡” / Twitter.

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