Lydia Ellery SquidGame

Squid Game, a Korean TV drama about wage disparity and modern-day anxieties, appears to have captivated the audience.

People who owe massive debts are rounded up and forced to participate in a series of deadly games in the show. When someone is killed, the piggy bank fills up until only one person is left. There can only be one victor.

Fear of having your social media account banned, especially if your job relies on it, is a modern anxiety that the show fails to capture.

Lydia Ellery, a Yogscast member, has been using the handle SquidGame for years without incident. Her social media accounts were created long before Netflix’s show.

She began receiving messages from fans asking why she had an official Squid Game Instagram account as soon as the show became popular.

Only Instagram has taken action against the handle so far, and Ellery still owns the Twitch account ‘SquidGame.’ Hopefully, she can use Instagram to put pressure on the decision to be reversed.

In other Twitch news, the company has finally announced that it will take action against users who participated in a recent wave of hate raids on the platform. Some of Twitch’s biggest streamers have left, with DrLupo and TimTheTatman both signing deals with YouTube Gaming.

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