Maddyson Speaks Out

Ilya Daavydov Maddyson, a popular Twitch streamer who is also a blogger, revealed that he has ambitions to make money streaming.

Maddyson stated that people who claim he is used to giving up everything in return for money are wrong. Maddyson said that he often wonders if people who create stuff are insane.

When he stopped streaming, scored or drank, he had 700-800 subscribers. It is the equivalent to $5,000. You must stream regularly and do your work to keep 5,000 subscribers. Otherwise, subscribers will be reduced to 700-800, which will cost you a dollar.

Twitch executives smiled when they revealed this issue. They stated that the quality and numbers of content will rise, which will lead to an increase in income. Maybe something similar will occur for someone who truly is gonna fiddle stream to the audience. But he has doubts.

It is their business. Some idiots love streaming so much they will do anything to make it work. They’ll sit there for hours, seven days a week, to entertain their audience.

To avoid being overworked, he said he would now limit his stream to just one per week. When MMO New World is out, he will try to locate another commercial. To avoid excessive sales, all salespeople only have one stream and he will use this to milk the topic.

The views will eventually deteriorate and he will be told. He will then score and start to think about other places he could get freebies, such as YouTube or Twitch.

Maddison previously criticised Twitch for its new regional subscription agreement, alleging that Twitch had lost over fivefold of his income.

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