Malema celebrates 41st birthday in court

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), celebrates his birthday at his trial in the East London Regional Court for unlawful possession of a firearm and violating the Firearms Control Act.

The arsonist leader turned 41 on Thursday.

Malema was born on March 3, 1981 in Seshego, Limpopo.

Malema was a former Youth League (ANCYL) leader of the African National Congress (ANCYL) who swore he would “kill for Zuma” and was expelled from the ruling party’s youth wing in February 2012.

Malema then launched his new political party the Economic Freedom Fighters in 2013.

The commander in chief and “revolutionary leader,” as he is referred to by the red berets, has deep ambitions to become the leader of South Africa before retiring.

During his February 17 testimony before the Equality Court in Johannesburg in the hate speech AfriForum brought against him and the EFF, Malema was cross-examined by Mark Oppenheimer of AfriForum if he thought his side would be elected to government.

“I will be the president of this country, like it or not, and I will chair the affairs of this country, including you. I think you have to start adjusting to that reality. The sooner you do that, the less chest pain you’ll have when that reality comes.”

In a statement, the EFF said Malema remains a thorn in the side of the “corrupt political elite and the handlers trying to turn South Africa into a colony of private interests”.

“He remains a nuisance to racists across the country, the continent and the diaspora as he presides over a united Africa, a call that upsets colonial nations like France who want to micromanage African affairs. He is celebrating his 41st birthday in the East London Magistrates Court as racists in collusion with the state have a desperate mission to prosecute him for his principled vision of a prosperous Africa.”

Last year, in an interview with SABC News, Malema said he wants to retire at 55 and pursue a different career path.

“In my plan of business, I want to leave politics at 55 because I entered very young. I want to try something different and enjoy life outside of politics because I know nothing but politics.”

The EFF said Malema remains an anchor in the party’s political journey to reverse the gains of colonialism and achieve true freedom.

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