Mantashe seen as ‘brilliant connection’ by Bosasa leadership

The third installment of the state admissions report, published by President Cyril Ramaphosa on tuesday eveninghas found that Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe took advantage of security firm Bosasa.

The company started as Meritum Hostels, then changed to Dyambu Operations and then Bosasa Operations.

Mantashe testified on March 19, 2021 regarding Bosasa and also made two affidavits dated March 8, 2019 and June 18, 2019, both related to Bosasa.

The chairman of the state commission found in his latest report that Mantashe, along with others, was profiting from the company.

This after security upgrades were installed on his properties.

Mantashe admitted that security upgrades had been installed on his properties, but disputed that there was anything unpleasant about the installations, which had been arranged between his security adviser and Mr. Leshabane.

He also claimed that it was not done on any basis to ask for favors from him, and disputed that he was in a position to influence an office holder in such a position.

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“While the value of the installations is in question, the fact of the installations, and the fact that they have not been paid for my Mantashe, is a common cause. Offering free security installations was clearly part of the corrupt modus operandi of Bosasa and its directors,” Zondo said.

While there was no evidence of any particular office holder they were trying to influence through Mantashe, there is evidence that Mantashe was seen as a “brilliant connection” by Bosasa’s leadership.

He was the party’s secretary general and a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“Under the circumstances, it can be concluded that there is reasonable suspicion that Mantashe received the free installations, knowing that Mr. Leshabane sought through him to influence unspecified unnamed office holders with whom Bosasa intended to do business, but there was is not proof that he acted on the inducement provided to him.

“Under the circumstances, there is a reasonable prospect that further investigation will uncover the prima facie case against Mantashe related to the crime of corruption within the meaning of Section 3 of PRECC, and the case is referred for investigation.”

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