Markoon of Stream Sniping is Accused by Tarzaned

Tarzaned, a popular Canadian streamer has accused Markoon, a Dutch Pro League of Legends player at Excel Esports of stream sniping.

The two junglers were playing on separate servers on Korean League of Legends. They ended up in opposing teams

Tarzaned said that Markoon locked in Wukong after he stream-sniped him, and wanted Tarzaned to be his main champion. Markoon wouldn’t have picked Wukong if he didn’t know it. It was implied.

Markoon replied to the thread on Twitter. Tarzaned challenged Markoon in a Twitter thread to a ‘any single queue bet span>

Some people accused Tarzaned having an ego to make such comments, while others said Markoon was spamming emotives in order to upset him.

Markoon, a League of Legends rookie with lots of potential, is an exciting player. Markoon, along with support player Advienne, were promoted last summer from Excel Esports’ academy team to LEC team 1.

Markoon helped Excel Esports reach the LEC playoffs earlier in the year. Advienne, however, was later replaced by Mikyx who moved to Giants Gaming.


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