Matt_the_FossilJock Defeats Cynthia

Players of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have faced some unusual challenges, but one fan’s Unown team stands out.

It can be difficult to find a reason to keep playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl once they have been completed. Although it may feel as if the experience is new again after a long period of time, it can be difficult for some gamers to replay a game right away.

Finding new and fun ways to beat the game that are out of the ordinary is one way to get more mileage out of it. Some gamers prefer to speedrun a game in order to master it and give themselves a reason to keep coming back, while others prefer to set themselves seemingly impossible challenges.

That’s what Twitch streamer Matt the FossilJock did with Pokemon Shining Pearl after defeating the Elite Four to complete the game’s Pokemon League. In a nearly 30-minute battle, Matt the FossilJock decided to train an entire team of Unown to level 66 to 69 and defeat the Elite Four, which included the incredibly difficult Cynthia.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Unown Pokemon is that it can take on many different letters and symbols, allowing players to catch multiple variations of the Pokemon. As a result, the streamer decided to call his team Team Boobs! by having his party spell out the word with Unown’s help.

Unown is a unique Pokemon to use against the Elite Four because it can only learn one move, Hidden Power, which is classified as a Normal-type move but has different effects depending on the Pokemon that uses it. However, only Unown learns the attack in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, making it a Psychic-only move in the game unless a Pokemon with the move is traded in from another game.

The move doesn’t deal a lot of damage with a base power of 60, but it does have some typing advantages over Cynthia’s team, which includes Ghost, Grass, Poison, Water, Ground, Fighting, and Dragon-type Pokemon, making the fight a little easier to manage.

The fight against Milotic is the most difficult in the battle, and fighting him for a regular team, let alone one made up entirely of Unowns, can be extremely frustrating. One of the more amusing aspects of the battle was how little threat Garchomp posed to the Unown team, with the Unown “Skeeter” being able to outrun it and one-shot it with Hidden Power. Garchomp is Cynthia’s final Pokemon, and for many trainers, it signals the end of the road.

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