Maximilian Dood: Opening Loadouts Mid-Air

Maximilian Dood, a Twitch streamer and fighting game expert, tried his hand at Call of Duty Warzone, only to learn the hard way that respawning alongside a loadout isn’t always the best choice.

While Maximilian Dood is most known for fighting games, the 38-year-old occasionally partakes in other genres, and Warzone is no exception. Max began parachuting down onto the map after being picked off and waiting to be brought back into the game. However, he had no idea that his teammate had already gotten their squad a loadout.

The streamer appeared to have a moment where he could open the item mid-flight as he dove for it, but instead, the box slammed him in the face, sending him free falling to his grave. Because of this, he went on to exclaim; “Dude, the loadout on the way down hit me and I died! I don’t get it, man! Dude, what the hell was that s**t?”

Fortunately, despite incurring harm on the way down, he was able to survive when he was brought back. Otherwise, two of the most uncomfortable deaths in Warzone history would have occurred.

This isn’t the first time a loadout has caused problems for Warzone players. Tommey, a Warzone pro, was also killed in mid-air by a loadout while competing in the BoomTV Rising Stars of Warzone Streamer Series. Given the seemingly random nature of such kills, it’ll be interesting to see whether Activision does anything in the future to make these loadout deaths considerably more unusual, if not impossible, as it’s surely one of the worst ways to die.

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