Maya Receives Witty Proposal

The much-anticipated Sh*tcamp event has begun, bringing together 16 of the most well-known streamers, including Maya Higa, xQc, and Valkyrae.

These streamers must compete against one another in a variety of games and challenges during the event. Streamers simply hanging out with each other are high-quality entertainment that viewers like watching.

A very drunk Sodapoppin and Nick “Nmplol” Polom were talking about their buddies Mizkif and Maya Higa on one such occasion.

Fans can observe Sodapoppin and Esfand hanging out with each other while incredibly drunk in a clip shared by Sh*tcamp. When an equally drunk Nmplol joined them, they began chatting about things they wanted to do at Sh*tcamp.

During the chat, they revealed that Maya and Mizkif would be unable to attend the event that day, and they expressed their disappointment to the audience. Nmplol continued by saying, “Can I get some hearts in the chat for our boy Miz and our girl Maya? They couldn’t make it here tonight, but I miss them dearly and they’re my favorite people.”

Nick, on the other hand, seemed to miss Maya a lot more than Mizkif, because he went on to state, “I wish Maya was here, cause if you like, Maya’s single, and I’m like, I’m single, you know, then we can mingle!”

Nick’s statement made the two of them laugh out loud, especially since he followed it up with a question about whether or not he was single. Esfand responded properly, noting that if he wasn’t already, he would be now. Because all three streamers are Maya and Mizkif’s close friends, the statement was made lightheartedly and in good spirit.

Maya and Mizkif recently ended their two-year relationship because they both felt they needed some alone time. The two, on the other hand, continue to support each other and have parted ways amicably.

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