Jenna “Meowri” the woman behind the seven-day ban of Twitch streamers Mizkif and Esfand, made a controversial statement about why she enlisted the help of her legal team in a recent stream.

Esfand and his friend Mizkif were temporarily banned for the incident between PAX East and Meowri, according to a lengthy statement posted on Twitter on April 30th.

The two didn’t give it much thought until Meowri Esfand expressed her displeasure with the joke in a message a few days later. It believes the problem has been resolved privately and is no longer anticipating it.

Meowri’s lawyer contacted Twitch a month after that private conversation, and she was suspended for seven days. A ban of any length can harm full-time streamers’ income, potential business relationships, and, most importantly, their reputation.

Meowri appears to be claiming that she didn’t get her lawyers to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Twitch, only to have the clips removed from the platform out of embarrassment, based on her recent comments.

Meowri mentions Mizkif calling her “daddy,” asking if she’s a “slut,” and keeping her face very close to him, among other things. Other streamers, such as Trainwrecks, were unimpressed with her explanation.

Mizkif and Esfand returned to Twitch after serving their bans to a warm welcome from the community, and they did so without losing any public sponsorship or brand deals.

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