MetalMonkeyPS Streamer Profil

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MetalMonkeyPS Streamer About

Part time poker player. Have been playing for 5 years. I moderate at for the past 3 years and activly watch a few of our members streams. Off the tables I plan to stream health related content for poker players

MetalMonkeyPS Streaming History

I joined Twitch a couple of years ago when I helped moderate Pokerstrategy promotion games and coachings.

Why do you stream?

To make friends and connect with the wider poker community with a aim to improve my game and build my confidence

MetalMonkeyPS Streamer Goal

Apart from what I have said in above question I would really like to build a community of players in my home games club and reach a nice number of followers and subscribers.

Country: United Kingdom
Real Name: Matt Pike
Date of Birth: October 3
Gender: Male

Poker Site Usernames:

Pokerstars: metalmonkie
PartyPoker: metalmonkie
GG Network: metalmonkie

What Format of Poker Games do you stream: Cash Stakes: NL2-25 MTT $1 Rebuy – $215, Sats and PKO, slow – hyper  Sit & Gos Stakes: around $1-$3 games

What Game Variants do you play: 

No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, PLO8 High/Low, NLO8 High/Low, Stud, Razz, 2-7 triple draw, NL 2-7, 8 Game

Favorite Tournet Speed Freezeout Bounty Builders Turbo Hyper Turbo

HUD: H2N, Holdem manager 2

Biggest Win on Bigest Win Live: First session I made around $100, Live: $100 + $109 ticket


Do you have a bankroll Challenge? I am restarting my challenge in the next week from $50 -$1000. My blog is

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The MetalMonkeyPS is a streaming poker player of over 5 years who streams poker strategy content. He streams to make friends and improve his game.

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