Microsoft Teases Square Enix’s Outriders for Xbox Game Pass

Image: Square Enix

Square Enix and people can steal that the popular new RPG shooter, Outriders, will likely be coming to Microsoft’s subscription games in the near future. The potential addition has been linked to the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, which tweeted an email from Melissa McGampas that hints at a title involving an anomaly and a mysterious signal. These two keywords appear in the official curriculum vitae of one of the Outriders.

So much news today! McGempasse Email read epub. I hope you don’t mind if I add more! (Although this does not affect the other ads). This new game has been confirmed and is officially operational! As always, keep it a secret. Before I leave, I wanted to ask you something at ….. Has anyone else noticed a mysterious signal in the distance lately, or am I an anomaly in this situation? Strange question, I know.

Humanity’s attempts to colonize the alien planet Enoch were foiled when the expedition teams faced massive energy storms known as the Anomaly, according to one of Square Enix’s official summaries of Travelers. The Outriders escape into sleep and awaken 30 years later to a journey across a hostile planet to the source of a mysterious signal. One that can offer hope for the future of humanity. But the storms have made both you and the entire planet stronger.

There’s no word yet on when Outriders will be available on Xbox Game Pass, but interested sci-fi fans can get a taste of the cover-based shooter and its four character classes ahead of its release on January 1. Avril can try out the free demo, which is available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles. According to a post from Square Enix on the game’s official subreddit, more than two million players have already downloaded the demo.

There’s probably a hint of the game in here somewhere, honestly we can’t even keep up with all the announcements lately

– Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) 12. March 2021.

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frequently asked questions

Will the Outriders go to Gamepass?

Outriders (Cloud and Console) – 1. April Outriders brings intense action and deep role-playing to Xbox Game Pass! Developed by People Can Fly, veterans of the shooter genre, Outriders is a survival journey on a wild planet that can be tackled in both single player and 1-3 player co-op modes.

Are Auraiders Coming to Xbox?

It will be available from 1. April will be available on Xbox consoles and Android devices. Outriders will be available on Xbox Game Pass on release day. The upcoming third-person shooter Outriders will be available through Xbox Game Pass when it hits the market on Jan. 1, Microsoft confirmed Monday.

Does Xbox Game Pass work with game sharing?

Game sharing lets you and your friend use each other’s game libraries and participate in the Xbox Live Gold program, including game passes. It’s a great way to play a wider variety of games on a smaller budget. You need two Xbox One consoles to take advantage of the Xbox One’s game sharing features.

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