Minecraft Streamers Meetup Breaks Twitter

Popular Minecraft streamer Thomas Simons aka Tommyinnit has posted a group photo on twitter alongside with his fellow Minecraft streamers such as Toby Smith aka Tubbo, Jack Manifold aka JackManifoldTV, Will Gold aka Wilbur Soot and Ranboo. The photo has now broken the internet, having been uploaded on September 15th.

This group of minecraft streamers are no strangers to getting together on the spur of the moment and working on a vlog or two for each other’s channels. This meeting, though, was a little more deliberate than a casual get-together.

Streamer Wilbur Soot was the first one to share a couple photos of the studio where the gang is believed to have taken the first photo that was shared on Twitter. The studio appears to be some kind of photographic studio. It’s unlikely they rented out this elaborate studio just to take a picture and tease the meet-up on Twitter.

Because of this, some fans have come into speculation that the five minecraft streamers are presently working on a larger project.

Regardless, fans are ecstatic to see their favorite streamers join together and film together.

Then on September 15th, Minecraft streamer Tommyinnit tweeted out a group photo shot of himself alongside with several of his friends and fellow streamers including Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, JackManifoldTV, and Ranboo, while the caption of the photo was; “OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO BLOW UP”.

Fans and fellow creators alike have reacted positively to the tweet. Several content creators have responded to the initial tweet, including Krtzyy, ConnorEatsPants, Spifey, Quackity and Corpse husband. The initial tweet has over 156.3k likes, 9,884 retweets, and 2,308 quote tweets and these numbers reach higher and higher each time the page is refreshed.

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