Minecraft Streamers Want to Join MrBeast’s Real-Life Squid Game

Many popular Minecraft streamers are delighted to participate in the event now that MrBeast’s condition for a real-life Squid Game has been met.

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast recently produced a TikTok video in which he pledged to make a real-life Squid Game if the video received 10 million likes. Knowing that this announcement comes from MrBeast, the philanthropic star would definitely keep his promise. 10 million likes would have been a difficult target for a regular content creator. For someone as large as MrBeast, though, it was a piece of cake. MrBeast has stated that he will “go all out” in order to create a real-life Squid Game movie, and he is now concerned about attracting hundreds of participants.

Many Minecraft streamers responded to MrBeast’s post in the hopes of appearing in his Squid Game video.

Squid Game is now Netflix’s most popular and trending show. Without a doubt, anyone who hasn’t heard about Squid Game is living under a rock. This South Korean drama show has gone viral, with practically everyone talking about it, including well-known Minecraft personalities like Dream, TommyInnit, Quackity, and others.

MrBeast is ready to replicate his version of Squid Game after his TikTok video received over 10 million likes. MrBeast’s real-life Squid Game will have 456 participants, just like the program. Because it is MrBeast’s video, viewers may anticipate to see a lot of money in the future video. MrBeast’s announcement that he would require a month to find 456 participants for his real-life Squid Game sent Twitter into a frenzy. Several Minecraft streamers responded to MrBeast’s post, expressing interest in playing MrBeast’s Squid Game.

Quackity, a popular Minecraft broadcaster, wants to play the part of “001” in MrBeast’s real-life Squid Game. Sapnap, another streamer, is uninterested in playing a character. Instead, he simply wants the number “420.” Squid Game has also piqued the curiosity of other Minecraft streamers such as Ranboo, Punz, Philza, and Schlatt.

Popular content creators such as LazerBear, Valkyrae, ElJuaniquilador, Doctor Mike, and others have responded to MrBeast’s Tweet, in addition to Minecraft streams. If any of these creators make it to the real-life Squid Game, fans will find out next month.

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