MiniLaddd Gaming Setup: A Deep Look

MiniLaddd is an entertainment-focused content creator who has been creating various forms of YouTube content since he was thirteen years old. He only started to focus on his content after he created his channel in September 2011. This was due both to his efforts and the friendships he made along the journey.

We have listed below a brief summary of MiniLaddd’s gaming equipment, in case anyone is curious as to what it takes for him to keep his production standards high.


MiniLaddd has a Asus VG248QE 24 inch monitor. MiniLaddd uses the Asus VG248QE 24-inch monitor. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a 1ms response time. The refresh rate is 144mhz. The monitor’s height can be adjusted from 40.64cm to 51.44cm (16 to 20 1/4″), and tilted to +15deg or -5deg. It can also rotate by 90deg. The monitor has viewing angles up to 170°(H)/160°(V), and can be mounted on a VESA wall.

It also uses NVIDIA 3D LightBoost Technology, which improves the image’s realism. The dimensions of the unit are 56.94×49.99×23.1cm (22.4x 19.7x 9.1″) when it is mounted on a stand, and 56.94×34.04×5.73cm (22.4x 13.4x 2.6″) when it’s not.

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MiniLaddd is using a Razer Lancehead TX mouse. MiniLaddd chose the mercury-white version of this wired and ambidextrous mouse. The 5G optical sensor is included. It has 100-16,000 DPI and can be adjusted in increments 50. The tracking speed is 450 IPS with a 50G acceleration and a 99.4% resolution. You can choose from 125 or 500 polling rates, and 1,000HZ Ultra-polling. The clickers are the most prominent buttons. There are two DPI buttons under the scroll wheel and two buttons to the right of it.

You can save up to for profile data on the board. These profiles, together with RGB lighting can also be adjusted through Razer Synapse software. The dimensions are 3.7x7x12.4m (1.54×2.8×4.9″), and the weight is 103g (3.89oz.). The cable measures 2.1 feet (6.9ft).

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MiniLaddd uses a Razer BlackWidow X chroma keypad. To match his mouse, MiniLaddd has selected the Mercury White version of Razer BlackWidowX chroma keypad. Top-plate is made from thick military-grade metal with Razer Green mechanical switches.

The keys can be programmed on the fly and have a full programmable key set.

This device is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X (v10.8 – 10.11). It measures 18.2 x 45.9 x 4.1cm (7.17 x 8.08 x 1.58″), and it weighs 1.4kg (3.11lbs). The braided fibre cable cannot be detached. You will need to register the Razer Synapse software. It can also be used to adjust macro settings and lighting profiles. There are many functions that the F-keys can perform.

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MiniLaddd uses Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. MinniLadd uses the wired version ATH-M50X headphones. They also make an appearance in the gaming sets of TimTheTatman, GiantWaffle and GiantWaffle. For storage, the earcups can rotate at 90 degrees to lay flat around the neck. They can also be pulled inward toward the adjustable leatherette headband. Ear cups have a closed-back, over-ear design and are cushioned in leatherette. This creates a surround sound effect.

The earphones have 45mm drivers and provide a frequency range from 15 to 28,000Hz. They also offer a nominal impedance 38 Ohms, and sensitivity of 98dB. The lightweight plastic construction brings it down to 286g (10 oz). There are two options for wired configurations: a 3m (9’1”) coiled and a 1.2m (3’11”) straight.

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MiniLaddd uses a Shure SM7B mic. Shure SM7B features a large-diaphragm design and a cardioid polar pattern to help block background noises. The frequency range is 50-20,000Hz. It also has a sensitivity level of -50dB, and nominal impedance at 150Ohms. It has a high-press filter and a boost button at the base.

The inbuilt pop filter prevents plosive sound from getting into the recordings. It also has an external wind shield that can be removed to block mechanical noise interference. The device comes equipped with a capstan nut. However, the 48V Phantom Power enabled audio-interface and XLR cable will have to be ordered separately.

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MiniLaddd has a Sony A7 III camera. MiniLaddd uses the same Sony a7 III camera as Maximilian_DOOD and B0aty. He also has a Sony 55mm F1.8 lens. This base camera has a 24.2MP BSI 35mm (13.7″) image sensor. It can capture at a resolution up to 2160p and a speed of 1.8x.

The battery can be charged for up to 200 minutes, and has a dynamic range of 15 stops. It also features image stabilization, image stabilization, and a 5-stop image shaking reduction. It also has built-in image stability. It also features 4D focus and an ISO range from 100 to 51,200. This can be extended by buying the appropriate lens, which will increase ISO 50 to 2,048,007

Continuous recording can be done for as long as 200 minutes. The battery is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0+ mobile phones running either Android 5.0 or iOS. MiniLaddd, an experienced streamer, has the specs that are much more than what a new streamer would need. This article about webcams will give you a more detailed overview of the different streaming cameras.

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MiniLaddd uses the Line 6 POD Studio UX2 mixer. Line 6 PODS Studio UX2 was designed to record guitar outputs and not vocal outputs. The unit has two XLR inputs with phantom powers and two 1/4-inch jack inputs (normal and pad), which gives it two inputs total. Every channel is equipped with a volume and preamp knob. You can set the meters through your software.

On its right, there are two additional knobs. One is a tone output and one for input. The device also has six output ports. It comes with Alberton Live 7 and POD Farm 2.5. SONOMA’s RIFFWORKS is also included. Reason Essentials (V8) are two other software options.

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MiniLaddd is an entertainment-focused content creator who has been creating various forms of YouTube content since he was thirteen years old. He only started to focus on his content after he created his channel in September 2011. This was due both to his efforts and the friendships he made along the journey.

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