MissedAWP Defeats Celeste

Celeste, a tough-as-nails platformer, is difficult enough to play with a standard controller. The sidescroller of Mario-like is known for being difficult to beat, with fights with bosses that require dodging a barrage of lasers and levels with spiked walls and floors. MissedAWP, a streamer, beat the game using only a steering wheel and a gear shift on January 7th.

The impressive run was planned and completed in just three days. In the end, she took about 2 hours and 14 minutes to beat the game, dying 499 times along the way. The streamer used to regularly speedrun the game on her Twitch channel before attempting this. MissedAWP said that she was motivated to complete the difficult run because she thought it would be “funny to do.” She completed the run on the Windows PC version of the game and did “any percent,” meaning she could break or glitch the game.

MissedAWP used a steering wheel and a six-speed shifter to accomplish this. She used the steering wheel to move Madeline from left to right, and the back shift paddles for jumping and dashing. 

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