Mizkif Addresses Rumors

Several fans have paired Mizkif with Pokimane after his breakup with long-term lover Maya Higa. People’s suspicions were only heightened by the two of them spending so much time together during Mizkif’s vacation to Los Angeles.

Mizkif, on the other hand, put down all speculations of him dating Pokimane when he returned to streaming as he stated; “Uh, by the way, can you all f**k off and stop saying I’m dating every girl that is my friend?”

After a hiatus from Twitch, Mizkif returned to streaming on October 5th. While he did not appear to be in the best of spirits when talking about Maya Higa, he tried his hardest to remain calm and collected.

During the stream, he did, however, address the problem of people shipping him and his friend, Pokimane. He disputed the claims and talked about his viral TikTok with Pokimane, claiming that he played the role of the g*y best friend, stating; “I literally did a f**king TikTok with Poki, where I am the g*y best friend, and everyone’s being annoying as f**k. Would you shut up, chat?”

He went on to say that as the best friend of a girl he wanted to date, he would not produce a TikTok video. He went on to say that he and Austin recorded a TikTok video together, which they had to retake many times.

Despite the fact that Mizkif said that he was still getting used to being alone, he clarified that he was not seeing anyone and had no plans to do so.

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