Mizkif addresses Twitch Return

After announcing his recent breakup with fellow streamer Maya Higa, Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo aka Mizkif claimed in a recent video that returning on Twitch will be scary.

Maya and Mizkif had been dating for just over two years when they announced their breakup on Twitter recently. The two first kept their relationship a secret from their Twitch admirers, but in late 2019, they accidently confirmed their reported affair during an unboxing stream. 

The couple stated in their announcement that they would be taking a break from content creation to ensure that they were both adequately cared for and satisfied with the outcome of their split.

Now, on September 23rd, Mizkif uploaded a video with an update on the two. Mizkif began his video with a quick recap stating; “A lot happened this past week, and it’s been crazy. Maya and I are not exactly the happiest right now, but we’ll get through it.”

Following that, Mizkif went on to say that there was a lot to take care of after the separation to ensure that all parties were satisfied. He said noting that when people think of him, they usually think of her with him, and it feels strange not having her there anymore; “It’s going to be a scary thing for me and Maya to continue moving forward because she was my rock with Twitch.” 

He also went on to say that the decision had been discussed for some time before they chose to make it official, emphasizing that there was no cheating, no drama, and that it was mutual. 

He added that he expected a lot of backlash when he made the revelation, but instead received a lot of love and support for both of them. Mizkif additionally claims that he needs it for a bit longer due to a difficult moment.

Twitch streamer Mizkif ended the video by saying, “I miss you guys a lot, I really do, and I will hopefully see you soon,” right before ending the video and putting extra emphasis on ‘hopefully’. 

He also has opened up his comments section on the video to any questions that viewers may have, stating that he will respond in a future, more extensive video that will be released to his YouTube channel. 

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