Mizkif And Maya Break up

During a recent Twitch stream, World of Warcraft legend Asmongold expresses his support for Mizkif and Maya, addressing the “unfair” portrayal of their professional relationship following their breakup.

The news of Mizkif and Maya’s breakup has been making the rounds on Twitch and on social media, as the revelation came as a complete surprise and shock to the streamers’ fans. While Mizkif and Maya will take some time off to adjust their personal lives, Asmongold, a World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch recently gave his thoughts on the subject during a live broadcast.

Asmongold made his remarks in response to the incorrect assumptions made about the former Twitch pair after their breakup, with many claiming that Maya benefited more from the relationship than Mizkif. Questions about Maya’s Twitch viewership before she started dating Mizkif were raised, and Asmongold responded. He stated that this is more about how people have reacted to Maya’s benefit from having Mizkif assist her on her live and involving her on Twitch. He also says that this is a pretty unfair way to characterize their Twitch and professional give-and-take, because he believes Mizkif benefited greatly from having Maya on his show. Maya provided excellent content for Mizkif’s stream.

He then added stating; “Mizkif helped Maya but also helped Mizkif a lot too. And I don’t want to see people degrading Maya and trying to invalidate her contribution too.”

Once the news came out about Mizkif and Maya’s break up, Asmongold was one of the streamers who expressed their support and love for both streamers. He wrote saying; “Love you dude, you know we’re here for you.” Despite the negative assumptions by some members of the Twitch community, fans have continued to support the former couple since their split.

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