Mizkif Donates $20K

After losing a bet to YouTube philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson while streaming League Of Legends, Twitch streamer ‘Mizkif‘ had to donate $20,000 to charity.

It’s not uncommon to see MrBeast place bets with other streamers during their broadcast. We saw the YouTuber play a series of poker games with other creators in September, including one that cost Ludwig $25,000 to win.

Ludwig tweeted after losing money to Donaldson that he was the first person to hang out with MrBeast and lose money. Mizkif has now lost $20,000 in a bet while playing League of Legends with the philanthropist, but it was all donated to charity this time.

Mizkif and MrBeast decided to play a few League of Legends matches together on January 25th. Miz asked Donaldson if he wanted to put money on it right before they started their first 1v1 battle, and Donaldson mentioned $10,000.

The two friends set out to begin their wager, and Mizkif got off to a good start by winning the first match. The Twitch streamer, on the other hand, went on to lose the next two battles and was ready to send Jimmy his $10,000.

MrBeast had a different plan, and Mizkif ended up losing the double or nothing match and deciding to donate the $20,000 to Alveus Sanctuary.

Maya Higa, Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend, owns Alveus Sanctuary, a bird sanctuary. After two years together, the couple announced their separation on September 15, 2021.

Mizkif stated in his Twitter announcement that he would continue to support Maya as a friend, which is evident with this massive donation.

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