Mizkif Gift to Emiru

After Cyr came over to watch a movie with the group, Emiru’s Christmas present from Mizkif ended up in the trash can.

Emiru recently announced his plans to move into Mizkif’s streamer house last October 27th, just days after the OTK founder ended his relationship with Maya Higa. Since then, he’s included the female Twitch streamer in his live streams as well. Emiru began learning how to speed-run Super Mario 64 after moving in, eventually defeating Mizkif after he challenged her.

With the holidays approaching, Emiru revealed on her stream how her Mizkif present ended up in the trash after Cyr came over to watch a movie.

During her stream last December 20th, she explained that fellow Twitch streamer Cyr came over to watch a movie with family members and ended up cleaning the living room because it was so messy.

She explained the situation by saying that the present Mizkif wrapped for her was so badly wrapped that Cyr mistook it for trash and threw it away. The present was not completely squandered.

She went on to say that the trash hadn’t been taken out yet. Mizkif dug through the garbage and retrieved it. He removed the wrap because it was covered in trash juice. It’s now wrapped in toilet paper and tucked away under the Christmas tree.

She went on to say that after Mizkif finished with the present, he grabbed one of her Kirby toys and began playing with it, which Emiru thought was “worse.”

Emiru has had several hilarious interactions with various members of his friend group since moving into his house.

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