Mizkif Gives His Opinion On Amouranth’s Ban

Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo aka Mizkif claimed that Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s sixth suspension from Twitch could be the last time we see her on the platform, since it appears to be a permanent suspension.

Amouranth, a controversial Twitch streamer, was banned from the platform for the fifth time on October 8, marking her fifth suspension. The cause for her newest ban has yet to be revealed, however her channel’s partner status has not been withdrawn, implying that she has been permanently banned.

However, despite the fact that her fans want to see her return, Mizkif has stated that she is unlikely to do so because she was allegedly on thin ice after being banned in the summer. 

Mizkif, who has previously streamed with Amouranth, mentioned the problem during his October 8 broadcast, when his chat was full of theories, and speculated she might be gone for forever.

He stated; “Did you guys see Amouranth get banned? That’s kinda weird. Well, not weird, it was pretty f**king obvious that sh*t was going to happen. But you know what’s crazy about it? I think that’s her last ban. I talked to her about it, and I remember when we streamed a few months ago, she told me her partner manager said that it’s one more strike and she’s done.”

Streamers are usually sent an email explaining why they’ve been banned. Amouranth, on the other hand, is said to have no idea what’s going on.

When another streamer, NymN, inquired as to why she had been banned, Amouranth said, “If you find out, please let me know.”

While she could be kidding and playing on the speculation, we’ve seen other streamers who were not informed of the cause for their ban in the past.

Because Mizkif is a friend of Amouranth, his claims have some credibility, which is supported up by a rumored lack of response from Twitch. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, though.


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