Mizkif States Women Have It Easier

Mizkif is currently one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, thanks to his role as a co-founder of the popular streamer organization One True King (OTK) and his ongoing collaborations with other streamers.

During his most recent stream, he watched a video by popular female streamer Pokimane about her advice for anyone looking to succeed on streaming platforms.

While watching the video, he thought he’d share his thoughts on the differences between men and women on streaming platforms, particularly in terms of how their audiences grow in size.

He then expands on his claim, claiming that anyone who doesn’t believe him or believes otherwise is mistaken.

However, he claims that while women have an easier time reaching the three-hundred viewer mark, they have a difficult time breaking through the one-thousand viewer mark, and that men have no trouble doing so.

The reason for this, according to Mizkif, is that male audiences prefer to watch other men, so a female streamer with a large audience on a mostly male-populated site is more uncommon than a guy with the same demographic size.

After that, the streamer admitted that women have to put up with a lot of abusive and deplorable behavior online. A few Reddit users expressed their reactions to the video, with one going into greater detail about how finding a female streamer in a crowd of men is more of a rarity than a “glass ceiling.”

With such a divisive topic being discussed so openly and passionately, Mizkif’s comments may face backlash if the video is widely circulated.

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