Mizkif Struggles With Scotland On GeoGuessr

As he live-streamed his experience on the geographic location guessing game GeoGuessr earlier today, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo had a moment to forget. The streamer was given a simple location to guess, but she struggled to locate Scotland on a world map. Hilarity ensued as a result of this incident.

Mizkif had been streaming for two hours and was playing GeoGuessr with his Twitch chat. Previously, he had been responding to videos sent to him by his viewers.

The streamer had progressed to around six on GeoGuessr, which was also a ‘double damage’ stage. He was thrown onto a busy road with a large number of vehicles. The streamer was able to identify the location as the United Kingdom without much difficulty.

As he scouted the area and moved forward on the map, he came across a road sign that revealed the location to him perfectly. “Welcome to Aberdeenshire,” said the road sign, which also mentioned Scotland.

Despite the straightforward reveal, Mizkif struggled to locate Scotland on a world map. He hovered over a map of the UK and Europe, but couldn’t seem to find Scotland. His search has left him perplexed.

He searched the entire United Kingdom map and was still unable to locate it. Mizkif became frustrated and drew a wry smile as he marked the location in Ireland. Despite his inaccuracy, he managed to finish the round with 2615 points.

Many are astounded to see Mizkif’s inability to pinpoint Scotland on a world map accurately. They spoke briefly about the streamer’s performance and geographic knowledge.

To say the least, Mizkif’s antics during the game drew a lot of attention.

GeoGuessr is a web-based game that allows you to explore different parts of the world where players have to guess the location of the world using only the clues provided in the game.

The close-knit community of GeoGuessr can be found on Reddit, Twitch, and YouTube. A thriving esports scene, as well as a community of speedrunners and record holders, can be found on the site.

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