Mizkif: Twitch Return Reveal

After his split with Maya Higa his long-term partner, Matthew Rinaudo (aka Mizkif) gave an update about his life and suggested when he would return to Twitch.

Mizkif, who recently went live to share his return to Twitch after an emotional breakup with Maya Higa, was announcing it. He announced his return to Twitch at the start of next month, which was good news for followers.

They split early in the month, and have not been on social media since. The couple announced their separation with a heartfelt message for their fans.

The couple also said that streaming would take some time. However, Mizkif gave an update, and revealed his current whereabouts.

Mizkif released a YouTube video to update his loyal fans about his whereabouts after the horrible breakup.

He said, “I have been dealing with my parents for the past few days. They have tried to help me. It was cool to gain muscle mass. Every day I have been exercising. This is all that I have been doing.

Mizkif stated also that he is eager to stream again, but due to recent events, will need more time and space. He will not stream before October 1.

Fans have been wondering about Maya’s living arrangement since Mizkif and Maya announced their separation. Some speculate that they would live separately to be happy. Mizkif on the other side, revealed that Maya was on her way.

He stated, “Maya will be moving out.” She is leaving, just to make sure everyone knows. Many people speculate that Maya will stay with me, and I am not one of them. It’s not possible. In the coming days .”

Breaking up is always difficult, particularly if the couple has spent so many years together. Mizkif stressed that they are trying to support one another during the trial period and that their loyal fans should respect them.

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