MrBeast Defeats Tectone In PogChamps 4

YouTuber turned philanthropist MrBeast recently faced off against Genshin Impact streamer Tectone in PogChamps 4, with the YouTuber facing off against the Twitch Streamer in the consolation bracket semifinals; the YouTuber showed no mercy.

PogChamps 4 is a chess tournament in which a number of celebrities, ranging from xQc to Pokimane and Ludwig, have competed in each of the four tournaments. All of the events have had star-studded lineups. This time, it was MrBeast, a popular YouTuber, who entered the competition as Jimmy Donaldson, a talented chess player.

Before his match against the YouTuber, Tectone, who calls himself a “goddamn gladiator,” was a little too confident saying that the damage he’s going to inflict on his opponent is going to be irreparable and that he will be going to rename the streamer the ‘Victim’ instead of MrBeast but Tectone had no idea what he was in for.

MrBeast and Tectone finished third in their respective groups A and C in the group stages. Because only the top two players from each group advanced to the championship bracket, the two ended up in the consolation brackets, where they beat their first opponents to meet in the semis.

The game began in a balanced manner, with both players having an advantage at different points in the game. MrBeast remained calm, humble, and collected throughout the match, calculating and strategically countering every move made by Tectone and didn’t hold back when it came to calling MrBeast a “washed-up has-been.”

Tectone soon came to his senses as the game progressed, realizing that the Queen he took from MrBeast was a set-up. The YouTuber wasted no time in putting an end to Tectone’s misery, while the latter laughed off the masterclass.

After the match, Tectone gracefully accepted his defeat and praised his MeBeasts brilliance, referring to him as “the better man.”

MrBeast won the match 2.0 – 0.0 and went on to face Rubius, a fellow Spanish YouTube star, in the finals, eventually winning the series 2.0 – 1.0. Fundy, a Dutch YouTuber, won the tournament in the Championship bracket after defeating Crokeyz in the final.

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