MrBeast Real-Life Star Wars Lightsaber

MrBeast is one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, with nearly 100 million subscribers. With his ambitious projects that continue to grow in size, he undoubtedly owns the game when it comes to his videos.

Many people will remember Donaldson’s impressive Squid Game recreation, which became the fastest non-music video to reach 100 million views and helped him set a new record for the most subscribers gained in a single day.

Perhaps even more impressive, the philanthropic YouTuber has revealed his real-life Star Wars lightsaber, and fans have some amusing suggestions for what he should do with it.

While anyone can buy a replica lightsaber, YouTuber Hacksmith Industries went viral in late 2020 with his real-life lightsaber that can “cut through literally anything” when heated to 4000°F (2200°C).

MrBeast now has his hands on it, as evidenced by a tweet on April 1 in which he revealed his new toy, which would make any child or Star Wars fan envious.

The best part is that the well-known YouTuber has asked his millions of followers what they want to do with it. The internet, of course, has some wild ideas.

One of the more ridiculous ideas came from a friend and fellow creator, Jacksepticeye.

Minecraft star Tubbo suggested that he try cooking with the lightsaber, which would be a unique use for it. Others were simply astounded that MrBeast had a working lightsaber. We can only assume that whatever Jimmy does with the lightsaber will be outrageous and on par with his other fascinating videos.

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