MrMoonsHouse: The Controversial Twitch, “Metas”

MrMoonsHouse, a Twitch streamer who had been away for a while, was shocked to see Twitch’s ASMR meta. He stated that Twitch “became an adult website” after returning from pause.

The Twitch streaming platform has seen some wild moments in the last few months. There have been some controversial metas, including the hot tub meta that streamers such as Amouranth and indiefoxx are now using. Platform created a new category called “Pools hot tub and beach” to make it easier for streamers not to be streaming under Just chatting.

The meta seemed to have died after that, but the hot tub streamers created an alternative way. They started ASMR “earlicking” meta, where they sat down in yoga pants while licking their ears. Although the metas are controversial have been the focus of attention in the community over the past few months, it appears that not everybody was privy to the unfolding events.

MrMoonsHouse is a Twitch streamer who has been a partner for nine months. He’s well-known for his role-playing games, such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA Online. It seems that MrMoonsHouse was unaware of some major breaking developments that took place on Twitch in the past few months, despite being on hiatus.

During the return stream, MrMoonsHouse shared his views on the situation, which were not surprising given his playing of GTA RP. MrMoonsHouse stated that he was astonished at the ASMR categories. He stated further that Twitch briefly turned into an adult website while you were away.

He said, “It felt like it was only a few days ago. It was when I first looked at that section. And I couldn’t believe the things I saw.” It was amazing. I was blown away by it. It was amazing. I was like, “Wow, let’s wait!” Really? I was like, holy s***! Holy s ***. This is all I have to say.”


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XOAeriel, a streamer with 200,000 followers who credits herself with starting the trend in December 2020, told Insider that she “really wanted to just sit in some hot water because it was winter.” Without a pool, she had to get creative and came up with the idea of buying an inflatable hot tub.06-May-2021

The History of the Hot Tub Meta on Twitch Hot tub livestreams started a while back in 2019 when Twitch updated its guidelines. While previously, streamers were not allowed to wear swimwear on Twitch, this rule was changed to fit contextual settings, such as if a streamer were doing an IRL session at a beach.05-May-2021

In recent months, there was a growing awareness of the increasing number of hot tub streams. This was referred to in the community as the “hot tub meta,” the idea being that an attractive woman can put on a bikini, sit in an inflatable hot tub and proceed to get more viewers and donations.27-May-2021

Here are five streamers that are blowing up in popularity thanks to the advent of Twitch hot tub streams. Twitch/xoaeriel XoAeriel claims to be the first person to do hot tub streams.20-Apr-2021


Adult website Twitch turned into an ASMR platform, or a website that focuses on sound. The hot tub meta came about when some streamers began streaming their own versions of the moan. MrMoonsHouse was astonished by the ASMR meta and how the adult site behaved before he went on pause.

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