MsDirtyBird’s Comeback

Previously, Twitch streamer MsDirtyBird announced her ‘fake’ lung and brain cancer diagnoses in January 2021, she found herself in hot water.

MsDirtyBird attempted to obtain Internet clout by faking her medical condition. She apologized after being found out.Users, on the other hand, criticized her for reading from a ‘scripted’ apology template.

After the scandal unfolded, she was fired from her organization, N7 Esports.

At the time of her apology, the streamer stated that she would be taking a break for ‘six months to a year.’ What’s more, guess what? MsDirtyBird has made a triumphant return. When we say early, we mean EXTREMELY!

MsDirtyBird stated that she would be away for at least six months, however she was only gone for three weeks.

MsDirtyBird announced her comeback to gaming and streaming on Twitter, saying that she opened up her account and she wants to apologize for lying to the Rocket League community and for hurting her fans.

She also added that she lied about her cancer although it was not recently made. She defended herself by saying that she lied about it in January.

MsDirtyBird said that she wasn’t able to recall telling people that she has cancer. Later on, she figured out that it was a lie she couldn’t get out of at the time.

Users are unhappy with her reappearance and have attacked her and the organizer Slips for giving her another chance. Because of MrDirtyBird’s presence, many people decided to avoid the stream.

The stream, on the other hand, sees this as a second chance and expresses gratitude to the organizer for letting her to livestream.

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