Murda Captures Car Crash

Twitch streamer Murda was watching drag races when an accident occurred in front of him. The livestream took a horrific turn when one of the competitors lost control of his car and crashed just seconds after it began.

A popular form of racing is the ‘Drag Race,’ in which drivers compete on a short track to test their cars’ acceleration. Murda captured a similar accident while streaming from the same track a few weeks ago.

Murda’s most recent livestream was broadcast from a well-known location. A few weeks ago, the same “hood track” was the scene of a horrific crash involving another Mustang on a previous stream.

The two competing cars were revving up on the racetrack, getting ready for the green light. The race started as the cars sped past the crowd, while the streamer broadcasted the thrilling event live from the track.

As it trailed behind its opponent, the car on the left, a yellow Mustang GT350, appeared to have gotten off to a slow start. When the yellow car spun out of control, the gap between them widened even more.

The Mustang spun 180 degrees across the track before colliding with the sidewall. It, on the other hand, did not come to a halt and continued to accelerate backwards. The car’s trunk repeatedly slammed against the sidewalls as a result, eventually coming to a halt.

Murda had previously warned online and offline viewers that the track was not yet ready for the races.

Murda and his friends analyzed the crash later in the stream. They discussed how the accident was caused by driving on wet tyres/track.

Murda’s viewers couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the crashes in a second incident of a similar nature. Fans wondered if the track itself was up to the required quality to host a drag race after the accidents all seemed to happen at the same exact spot on the track.

The unusual “Murda” is well-known for broadcasting ‘in-real-life’ (IRL) car races. Murda, an avid racer, frequently broadcasts his car workshops and customized car builds on stream. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Lexus on the Street.

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