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For many, outdoor activities are a huge part of their life. You could be a sports fanatic, or a nature enthusiast, or just someone who loves taking a walk around your neighborhood. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of useful gadgets and accessories that can help you along the way. Some are simply for fun, while others have real-world benefits.

The latest versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Windows 10, don’t come preinstalled with a lot of handy tools. Fortunately, there are quite a few add-ons for Windows 10 that are often overlooked. We’ve rounded up the must-have outdoor add-ons for Windows 10, so you can get the most out of your new OS.

Guide us through the process of picking the right tool for the job.

The GoPro HERO9 action camera bundle comes with a floating hand grip, 32GB microSD memory card, magnetic swivel clip, replacement battery, curve adhesive mount, and a neoprene case large enough to hold all of the included accessories. After a few weeks using the camera, we quickly realized that it would be necessary to purchase additional attachments in order to get the most out of it. We take a look at the essential accessories for completing your shooting experience.

You may have special needs based on your outdoor hobbies, such as a handlebar mount if you enjoy mountain biking, waterproof housing for exceptionally deep diving up to 60 meters (for even better waterproofing), and a suction cup mount for automobiles. A dog harness is an option for those with small animal friends. These are only a few of the available accessories. Check out our list of must-have accessories organized by activities and uses.

Camera Accessories for GoPro

Amazon has a lot of GoPro accessories.

You may use your GoPro action camera for outdoor activities.

Because of its small size and durability, the action camera may be used in a variety of ways, which we’ll save for another post. Here’s a list of things you can do outside with your action camera:

High ropes, adventure parks, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, nature parks, community parks, and golf are some of the recreational activities available.

Hiking, walking, mountain climbing, sightseeing, and travels are all possible on foot.

On the water, there’s canoeing, jet skiing, bodyboarding, kayaking, kite boating, kneeboarding, parasailing, rafting, river trekking, sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, yachting, motor boating, rowing, sailing, standup paddleboarding, water skiing, white water rafting, kiteboarding, and kneeboarding.

Snorkeling, fin-swimming, free-diving, scuba diving, deep diving, cave diving, ice diving, and underwater archaeology are all activities that can be done underwater.

Skydiving, bungee jumping, helicopter tours, parachuting, parasailing, and glider plane rides are all available in the sky (sailplane)

Auto racing, rally racing, stock car racing, buggy racing, karting, and motorcycle racing are all examples of motor sports.

Mountain riding and city biking are two types of biking.

Water surfing, snowboarding, skating, wakeboarding, and wake surfing are all examples of water sports.

Skates are used for skiing, skating (including ice skating), and skateboarding.

Please let us know if you have any other outdoor activities that would benefit from having an action camera on hand to record.

Outdoor activities require accessories.

Here’s a look at some of the gear you could need for the above-mentioned outdoor activities.

Chest mount, head strap, tripod, extension pole (selfie stick), gooseneck grip are examples of recreational activities.

On foot: tripod, selfie stick (extension pole), chest mount, head strap, and dog harness (if you bring your furry friend)

On the water, there’s a chest strap, a head strap, a jaw clamp, a floaty case, and a floating handgrip.

Underwater: floaty case, floating camera case and mount, watertight housing, head strap (make sure it doesn’t interfere with your scuba gear), floaty case, floating handgrip

Large tube mount, jaw clamp, and helmet mount in the sky

Tube mounts, suction cup mounts, adhesive mounts, helmet mounts (strap or adhesive), magnetic mounts, and helmet mounts are all used in motor sports.

Biking: Tube mount, helmet mount (strap or adhesive) handlebar, seat post or pole mount, jaw clamp,

Surf: floaty case, surfboard mount

Skates include a chest strap, a head strap, a helmet strap or adhesive mount, and a flat adhesive mount. housing for protection

Warning: As much as we’d like to use the action camera to record every detail of our excursions, safety must always come first. It’s critical to keep your hands free and your attention focused on the outside activity you’re undertaking. This is to say, don’t put your own or others’ safety in jeopardy for the purpose of a YouTube or Instagram worthy photo. These mounts and accessories are designed to free up your hands and eliminate the need to worry about the camera getting in the way. The camera may also be operated completely hands-free via voice commands thanks to the voice activated feature.

The Top 10 Must-Have GoPro Hero Action Camera Add-Ons

Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most important GoPro Hero accessories for your action camera. The biggest category, as you can see from the list above, is growing. Of course, you may get these in a kit, which we encourage because they are always a better deal than buying the extras separately.

1. Charger for the battery and a spare battery

So this isn’t particular to any of the activities listed above, but what good is an action camera if it doesn’t have any power? Consider purchasing extra batteries as well as a separate charger. Without a separate charger, you’ll have to charge the battery by plugging the camera into a wall outlet (using a USB adapter). Furthermore, you can only charge one device at a time. There are many battery chargers available that can charge two or three batteries at once.

Charger for two GoPro batteries and a spare battery

This implies you’ll have plenty of time to shoot. Even if yours comes with a spare battery, you’ll need a battery charger because your first battery won’t charge while you use the second. The dual battery charger with a backup battery bundle comes highly recommended. We now have three batteries in total, thanks to this and the camera combo. Enough for a long journey and hours of videography.

2. More storage on microSD cards

Again, not specific to any activity, but useful to have. A large 128GB memory card is a good compromise between storage size and affordability. A 256GB memory card, if you can afford it, would be ideal for that extended vacation. Depending on the package, you may receive a 32GB or 64GB SD card, but this will only provide you with approximately an hour or two of recording time. When recording 4K videos at 30fps, the following is an estimate of the recording duration dependent on the size of the memory card:

  • 1 hour with a 32GB SD Card
  • 2 hours with a 64GB SD Card
  • 4 hours with a 128GB SD Card
  • 8 hours on a 256GB SD Card

128GB SanDisk Extreme PRO

Aside from storage capacity, the write speed of your micro SD card is critical, especially when shooting 4K or 5K footage. Avoid using a slow micro SD card because it will degrade the performance of your GoPro camera. GoPro recommends the SanDisk Extreme, Extreme Plus, or Extreme Pro UHS-I/U3 memory cards. These cards have the following read and write speeds based on their 128GB size:

  • The SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSD card has a read speed of 160MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s.
  • The SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB microSD card has a read speed of 170MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s.
  • The SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB microSD card has a read speed of 170MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s.

If you’re considering other manufacturers’ SD cards, check sure they’re 4K UHD-ready. UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 both indicate this (V30)

3. Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro

Picking purchasing one of these third-party accessory kits is one of the cheapest methods to get all the extras you’ll ever need. A 50-in-1 Camera Accessory Kit from Neewer includes nearly everything we mentioned above. However, while it is inexpensive, you may end up with a lot of plastic parts, and the quality may not meet everyone’s expectations.

50-in-1 GoPro Compatible Accessory Kit from Neewer

Amazon has a lot of GoPro accessories.

4. Chest Strap & Head Strap

These are the must-have straps for hands-free operation. The GoPro Chesty (chest mount) and GoPro Head Strap are official GoPro accessories. They’re ideal for rowing, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, motorcycling, and any other activity that necessitates the use of both hands. Both of these extras can be found in the accessory kit (see above) or separately from GoPro or third-party manufacturers. Third-party compatible options will undoubtedly be less expensive, and you may even be able to purchase them as a 2-in-1 package for even better value. It gives you a first-person perspective of your journey in your video without the camera getting in the way.

QuickClip with GoPro Head Strap Chesty Performance Chest Mount for GoPro

5. Mount a steel bar (handle bar or roll cage)

Another device to liberate your hands, this time a handlebar mount. This particular gear is made exclusively for mountain bikes and bicycles. Aside from the handle bar, it may also be used to attach your camera on a seat post or pole with a diameter of 0.35 to 1.4in (9 to 35mm). Choose the large tube mount for roll bars on a wind surf, ATV or UTV, and pipes with a diameter of 1.4 to 2.5in (35 to 63.5mm) if you need your camera put on a larger tube or frame. Always double-check the diameter of the mount before using it. Another alternative is the jaw clamp mount, which is appropriate for irregular shapes and slender objects with a diameter of 0.25 to 2in (6mm to 50mm).

Handlebar Mount for GoPro Windsurfing using a GoPro Large Tube Mount

6. Helmet attachment (adhesive or strap)

This is an obvious choice for motor sports and biking that necessitate the use of a safety helmet. It provides a distinct recording perspective, one that is higher up yet still in first person. Depending on the style of helmet and your preferred mounting point, there are many versions of this. It can be as simple as a curved adhesive attachment that you stick to your helmet, a vented helmet strap mount for cycling helmets, or a side or front mount with a swivel base to achieve the exact angle and perspective you want.

Side Helmet Mount for GoPro

Waterproof Case No. 7

The waterproof case is ideal for underwater sports, notably diving, and it also provides extra protection for the camera because it covers the entire unit, including the lens. On land and above water, this provides protection against dirt and debris. The Hero 9 is waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet) on its own, but with the case, it can go down to 60 meters (196 feet), which is deep sea diving territory. You can still use the buttons and see the displays, but you won’t be able to swipe on the touchscreens. It also only allows you to utilize the microphone when the skeleton backdoor is open.

Housing that is both protective and waterproof for aquatic activities.

8. Floating Hand Grip and Floaty Camera Case

Best for water sports and activities, as well as peace of mind in the event that your camera falls overboard or you lose your grasp. Your camera will float thanks to the floaty case or floating hand grip. It is simpler to see in the water due to its vivid orange color. Even though the case is puffy, it still allows you to reach the screen, buttons, and mount. When snorkeling, surfing, or wakeboarding, you will not lose your camera or valuable photos to the sea.

Camera case that floats Handle that floats

9. Tripods, GorillaPod, and Selfie Stick (extension pole)

For all your outdoor experiences, there are tripods, extended selfie sticks, an extension pole that extends up to 38 inches (97 cm), and a combination of a tripod and a flexible grasp pole. You’ll have a hard time making a decision. These are perfect for activities on or in the water as well as on land.

3 way grip arm tripod

If you’re concerned about finding a level surface for your tripod, check out the JOBY GorillaPod, a flexible tripod with bendy legs that you can wrap around and grab onto almost anything. In addition, the camera mount’s ball joint allows it to tilt up to 90 degrees and pan in any direction.

JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod on Rock JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod on Rock ” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=””/>

JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod on Rock

1627490547_875_Must-have-add-ons-for-your-outdoor-activities-%E2%80%93On a tree trunk, JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod ” data-medium-file=”×300.jpg” data-large-file=””/>

JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod on Tree Trunk

10. Magnetic Swivel Clip and Suction Cup

This style of mount should only be used inside a motor vehicle, plane, or boat, where the suction pad can be used on the windscreen or window, and the magnetic attachment can be used on the dashboard or any metal elements. You have been informed that some strenuous activities and forceful motion may cause the camera to be flung around if the suction cup or magnet fail. GoPro’s suction cup is said to have industrial-strength suction, allowing it to stay stuck at speeds of up to 150 mph.

Suction Cup for Helicopters and Inside Planes Suction Cups for Automobiles

BONUS: a camera case and a carrying case

When you’re traveling and want to keep your camera and accessories together in one location, a carry case is a must-have. It also allows you to organize all of the components for quick access and provides additional shock protection during transportation. Amazon Basics Small Carry Case, Smatree Waterproof Hard Case, and GoPro’s own hard shell case are just a few of the third-party cases available. The latter, on the other hand, is missing interior sections and dividers. Consider getting a silicone sleeve for your action camera with a detachable lens cover for those quick travels. Naturally, if you choose a multi-accessories kit, it will normally include a travel case and/or a silicone sleeve.

Amazon has a lot of GoPro accessories.

Gallery of Carry Cases

JavaScript is required to see this slideshow.

GoPro sleeve made of silicone


Pick a day in April and sit outside without doing anything. The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and you’re pretty sure you’ll be able to stay outside all day. Call it a day. But as you go to shut the door, you realize that you’ve forgotten something. You haven’t had time to get in a run since the morning, and now you have to rush to work on time so you can catch a nap before you have to go back out. All in all, it wasn’t a very good day. But what would have made it a lot better?. Read more about equipments used in outdoor recreational activities and let us know what you think.

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