MuTex & JoeWo Proving Haters Wrong With Warzone Win

MuTeX and JoeWo, two Call of Duty: Warzone pros, have previously been accused of hacking. To prove their “haters” wrong, the two went on to win a console-only tournament.

Cheating has become more prevalent in Call of Duty since the introduction of cross-platform play. PCs have altered the Call of Duty landscape, from suspected hackers in the Call of Duty League circuit to the Warzone world’s cheater drama.

Both JoeWo and MuTeX have been accused of cheating by fans who are suspicious of the streamers’ performance. JoeWo has claimed that he has been harassed as a result of the hackusations, and MuTeX has attempted to prove his innocence by streaming with five different cameras.

So, what better way to demonstrate that they don’t hack on PC than to demonstrate similar gameplay on console? On March 21, the two did just that, winning a console-only $1,600 tournament and immediately slamming their critics.

Joe and MuTeX both took to Twitter to express their joy after winning the console-only event. Joe also took a shot at the hack accusers when he announced the victory: “HATES ANYTHING ELSE?” 

He also explained what the victory meant, saying that he and MuTeX won despite only having one night of console practice and that it doesn’t matter what system you’re on if you’re talented.

MuTeX got in on the act, too, congratulating himself on the victory and then dismissing another possible hacking accusation: that he was using a Cronus because the only way to truly cheat on console is with a Cronus, MuTeX made certain to address any potential concerns.

The majority of reactions to the duo’s victory have been positive, with fans delighted to see them perform as well on console as they did on PC. Some accusers may remain skeptical, but they appear to be in the minority.

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