Myth Is Confused By Feminine Products

Maya and QTCinderella put Myth‘s knowledge of feminine products to the test on her most recent stream, and Maya couldn’t stop laughing.

Myth is a Twitch streamer who primarily plays battle royale shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends, but also plays other games. He appeared on the podcast Wine About It with Maya Higa and QTCinderella, where they drink wine and discuss various topics while livestreaming.

They introduced a segment on this episode of the podcast where they would test their guests’ knowledge of feminine hygiene products. The DivaCup, a reusable menstrual cup that works like a tampon but can be cleaned and reused, was the first item they received.

Maya stated that the item had been thoroughly cleaned when it was shown, removing any doubt that it had been used recently.

Myth was immediately perplexed when he was handed the item and asked what it was for. He looked at it closely, examining each side to try to figure out what it was and then, without warning, he held the product to his mouth and attempted to blow air into it, mistaking it for a funnel.

He immediately began explaining his thought process after attempting to blow air through the DivaCup, while Maya rolled off the couch laughing hysterically as he blew into it again. QTCinderella and Maya both confirmed that they use the product, further perplexing him as to what the strange object could be used for.

When he realized what the device was for, he fell silent in shock, recalling what he had been doing with it only moments before. Maya and QTCinderella burst out laughing, while Myth sat stunned.

The reactions of all three streamers were adored by the majority of viewers, putting the cherry on top of an already hilarious moment.

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