Nadeshot Shares How Much 100 Thieves Paid

The cost of getting the LA Thieves into the Call of Duty League was revealed by 100 Thieves owner Matthew Haag aka Nadeshot. According to Nadeshot’s comments during his stream, the Thieves’ spot in the league cost a whopping $27 million.

Nadeshot, the founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, said that he spent $27 million to enter a squad into the Call of Duty League in response to an insult in his stream’s conversation. After being told that his Call of Duty career was “over.”, Nadeshot hits back stating; “I did it by choice. Now I have a team. 27 m’s.” He then further added; “Someone tell the troll I own a COD team now. All four of my players are shooters, all of them are better than you.”

Nadeshot, widely considered as one of the best Call of Duty gamers of all time. He retired in 2015 and founded 100 Thieves in 2016. 100 Thieves is currently one of the most well-known esports companies, with The Verge comparing it to Supreme.

Drake has invested in the organization, which is also co-owned by Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They’ve teamed up with Lexus and have a slew of content creators on their roster. TinaKitten was the most recent addition to the organization.

Nadeshot’s revelation gives you an idea of how much money it takes to break into a franchised league like the CDL. It also reflects the fact that esports are becoming increasingly lucrative. Schalke 04 Esports sold their spot in League of Legends’ LEC for $31.5 million in July 2021.

For the 2022 season, the LA Thieves totally retooled their lineup, bringing in big-name stars in an attempt to compete for the crown next season.

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