Nanoleaf Elements Panels

To kick-off these Smart Home Lighting Deals, Best Buy has a great discount on the Nanoleaf Elements wall panels. The wood accent hexagon-shaped panels, which come in seven-panel kits, are discounted $50, making the cost of the entire kit down to $250. A three-panel expansion kit is available for $80 if you have more panels than 7. This will save you $20. You can attach up to 22 panels together.

The Elements are more sophisticated thanks to their wood grain and white lighting that can range from warm to cool tones. With their wood grain, and white illumination that can range from cool to warm tones, the Elements will give you a refined appearance. The Nanoleaf panels are well-known to YouTubers and Twitch streamers. However, the Elements offer a refined appearance with their wood grain. White illumination is also available in cool and warm tones. Their subtle wood look complements any room, even when they are turned off.

Nanoleaf’s Elements

Nanoleaf elements are an innovative take on smart lighting. They have a wooden appearance and can be used as accent pieces in your home. You can configure the LED panels in almost any configuration you like.

Best Buy offers a variety of great Philips Hue lighting discounts through its Geek Squad certified refurbished deals. We recommend the multicolor LED starter kit, which comes with three bulbs, a bridge and a dimming switch, for $135. You also have some great accent lighting choices, like the Hue Play Gradient Lighting Strip 65″, which costs $225 and comes with a bridge. A two-pack Hue Play Smart LED light bar set for $100 is also available (a $50 saving).

You can set up a starter kit to outfit a bedroom. The dimmer can be controlled easily with the controller, and the two other kits can enhance the drama in a room. Best Buy offers the second-generation Hue Bridge at a discounted $40, which can be used to replace bulbs that you have purchased in the past.

Philips Hue LED Starter Kit multicolor

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Starter Kit are complete smart lighting systems that include enough bulbs and accessories for small- to medium-sized rooms. The package includes three E26 bulbs as well as a Hue Bridge, a dimming switch and a dimmer.

Bose’s Bluetooth enabled audio sunglasses are unique. There are many styles to choose from, some more casually sleek than others. Others more active-oriented. Numerous retailers currently offer significant discounts on Bose Frames Tenor and Bose Frames Tempo. The Bose Frames Tempo and Tenor offer wireless audio, so you don’t have to block your ears. This can prove very helpful when you’re biking, walking, or commuting. Amazon and B&H have the Tempo and Tenor at the same $224 price. This cuts down the cost of both by $25. This is our Bose Frames Tempo review.

Bose Frames Tempo

Bose Frames Tempo Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses are great for people who are active. The sunglasses don’t block your ears and allow you to be fully aware of the world around you, while you listen to music or listen to podcasts.

Bose Frames Tenor

One of the most fashionable Bose Frames is The Tenor. It’s great for daily wear. These audio sunglasses feature polarized lenses housed within a waterproof nylon frame. These sunglasses provide Bluetooth audio for five hours and a quarter without interfering with your ability to hear the world around you.

The Nintendo eShop has some great deals during its Blockbuster Sale. It runs from October 3rd to October 3. You can find some amazing indie games, such as Overcooked! at the lowest price yet. You can get 2 games for as low as $8.49: Ori and The Will of the Wisps at $19.49; The Messenger at $8; Dicey Dungeons at $5.09; Axiom Sport Grind Entertainment (no relationship) is available for $8. There are many other titles.


Supergiant Games’ action-RPG roguelike is available now on PS4/Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch/PC.


It’s small and lightweight, with a price of $5 if you enter the code MINIMA. It is small enough to deliver 20W to your iPhone, or any other fast-charging smartphone.

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