NELK Boys’ Very Own NFT

The NELK Boys have announced that they will be producing their own NFT, which is already proving to be a huge hit with fans and NFT fans.

The NELK Boys, as well as the Full Send brand itself, are among the internet’s most divisive figures.

The pranksters have amassed millions of dollars and followers as a result of their over-the-top content, which features them pulling pranks on strangers and living a fast-paced partying lifestyle.

While their content has evolved, the NELK Boys have not followed in the footsteps of other influencers and begun promoting random crypto coins and NFTs for which they have been paid to promote. Rather, they’re inventing their own.

On January 17, 2022, NELK announced on their social media channels, as well as in a video on their main channel, that they would be launching their own NFT.

They urged followers to join the Full Send NFT Discord server in those posts, and if there were any doubts about NELK’s and the Full Send brand’s popularity, they were quickly dispelled.

The Discord server has over 121,000 members and counting as of this writing (around 12 hours after the announcement), putting up numbers that many NFT projects could only dream of.

Those who are familiar with NELK and Full Send will recognize this as nothing out of the ordinary.

NELK began producing Full Send-branded merchandise after they were no longer able to monetize their YouTube channels, which quickly became a huge hit with fans. Their releases all sell out quickly, and merch alone brings in around $70 million per year.

If their NFT follows suit — and all indications are that it will — this could be a game-changer for both NELK and their fans who buy in, as well as influencers on a larger scale.

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