New World Hits an Impressive Player Milestone

The New World’s open beta has managed to pull in a genuinely impressive number of players, rivaling the most popular Steam games.

The next MMORPG New World for Amazon games will be available on September 28th. However, the open beta of New World is now available, allowing fans to explore the wild and mysterious land of Aeternum. The New World Open Beta started on September 9th.

The previous closed beta has without a doubt gained a lot of attention from streamers, players and viewers alike but it couldn’t escape without criticism. For the most part, Twitch streamers were simply not that impressed. There were aspects of New World that impressed some, however, the overwhelming majority of streamers found something not to like. When Twitch streamer Asmongold tried New World, he found some stuff he didn’t exactly love about the game. Asmongold wasn’t the only one who had a problem with New World’s PvE options as summit1g hopped on with similar criticisms when it came to the way that AI enemies work.

Now, with the New World’s open beta being live now, it immediately pulled an impressive number of players. The beta’s first day saw a peak of 140,000 concurrent players.

According to SteamCharts and SteamDB, the exact numbers can be either about 141,585 or 141,668, respectively. But regardless of the exact player count, it’s a genuinely impressive figure for a game’s opening day. It’s too soon to say if these numbers will carry over to New World’s full release on September 28th. Still, the popularity of both betas bodes well for Amazon’s upcoming release.

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