New World Players Want a Minimap

Some players in New World wish they had a tool to help them navigate the vast map. As a result, one player decided to take matters into their own hands and design a fantastic minimap.

Since its September release, Amazon Games’ New World has elicited a variety of responses. Some players are enraged by the game’s bugs and server troubles, while others are enthralled by the game’s engrossing gameplay and stunning scenery. But, one thing that everyone agrees on is the dire necessity for a minimap or some form of handy guide. 

A couple of players were fed up with being lost in the game’s numerous towns and varied landscapes, so they created an excellent minimap and put it into the game. The end product is stunning, gaining acclaim from many on the New World subreddit.

However, given the severity of bans in the early phases of the game, many players were wary of the custom integration. The OP, on the other hand, says that bans should not be an issue for their map because of the program that was used to create and run it.

If this minimap is truly immune to bans, it might be a game-changer for MMO fans. Fans who want an official minimap will have to wait until Amazon Games releases one for New World. There has been no announcement of such an inclusion as of the time of this article’s publishing.

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