Next Path Of Exile Expansion

The Path of Exile Steam page has a brief note from Grinding Gear Games letting the community know when the next expansion will be released. Players will be able to get their hands on the 3.17 expansion in “early February,” according to the latest timeline update. As a result, the current Scourge League will be extended by two weeks, and the expansion will be revealed about a week before its release.

We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect at the start of 2022 with Path of Exile’s next big expansion as we wrap up 2021. We’re planning to release the 3.17 expansion in early February.

The Scourge League will be extended by at least two weeks as a result of this. Our livestream announcement will take place about a week before the expansion’s launch, as is customary. Of course, we’ll make sure there are some tasty Twitch Drops for viewers.

We’ll confirm the exact dates as soon as we can, but we’re expecting at least a two-week delay from our usual schedule. We want to give our employees the freedom and flexibility to recharge for the coming year during the summer holidays in New Zealand. We’ll start nailing down the exact dates once our team returns, and we’ll let you know.

GGG devs also revealed some cool PoE stats for 2021, in addition to the timeline update:

  • Echoes of the Atlas, Ultimatum, Expedition, and Scourge are the four expansions that have been released so far!
  • Despite the fact that New Zealand’s borders were still closed due to COVID, we increased our in-house staff from 149 to 165. In fact, we are renovating the third floor of our office building because we have so many people! When the space is ready, photos will be available in a few months.
  • We’ve been working on Path of Exile 2 for a while now, and we’ve just released a new trailer and gameplay preview.
  • Our realm has received over 100 updates/patches.
  • We published 442 news articles, averaging 8.5 per week.
  • We reached a new high for the number of players online (265,250 on our server alone, up 11% from the previous high of 237,160).
  • On our international realm, Path of Exile was played by approximately 5.3 million unique players.
  • With over 483 million hours played on our international realm in 2021, it was the second-highest overall playtime per year.
  • Path of Exile: Royale has been reintroduced.
  • Twitch Rivals Tournaments were held twice.
  • Another Halloween gathering was held at our house.
  • We improved our clicking skills.
  • Grinding Gear Games turned 15 years old this year.
  • We made history by introducing the greatest bug of all time.

To learn more about Path of Exile, visit the official website.


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