NiceWigg: The 100 Thieves Apex Legends Content Author

Jack Martin, a former Apex Legends player and NiceWigg, was announced recently as the 100 Thieves first content creator dedicated to Respawn’s Battle Royale. It will take place on September 12, 2021.

The NiceWigg deal was announced by the LA-based Esports Organization and Lifestyle Brand via Twitter on September 12. Along with other YouTubers and streamers like BrookeAB and Fuslie and social media experts such as Yassuo, he joins the Apex Legends team to create content for their Apex Legends.

Pro-turned-streamer, he has won over $20k and amassed a huge following across Twitch. YouTube. Instagram. TikTok. He is a Counter Logic Gaming pro-player and an ALGS unsigned competitor.

100 Thieves formed a team of Apex Legends players shortly after 2019’s game release. However, the group disbanded in 2020 and has not been seen in the Apex scene since Martin’s signing.

NiceWigg joined 100T. The organization is headed by Nadeshot, a former Call of Duty pro. He teamed up with CouRage in Apex Legends’ last season, Emergence. Many of his fans took this as an indication of his imminent addition.

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