Nickmercs and Covid

The actions of popular Twitch streamer Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff and a group of other well-known content creators at the MFAM BBQ event has astonished the streaming community.

On September 18th, NICKMERCS uploaded a photo of hundreds of streamers and fans gathered in a field, with no one wearing a mask or seemed frightened about being so near to so many people. Due to the delta COVID strain sweeping the country, the community was quick to note these nuances.

The MFAM BBQ event hosted by NICKMERCS took place at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida. A pull-up contest, mini-golf, football toss, and cornhole were among the games and activities during the event. A NICKMERCS meet and greet area, a kid zone, and a leisure room were also available. There was also a live DJ on hand, as well as lots of food.

Fans that wanted to witness NICKMERCS and other big-name streamers like TimTheTatman, FaZe Swagg, SypherPK, and Cloakzy had a great time at the event. However, it was also dubbed a “super spreader event” by many.

NICKMERCS recently tweeted that 10,000 people attended the MFAM BBQ. These visitors were not required to wear masks. Masks are not essential, according to the official MFAM website’s FAQ section, although they are highly advised “regardless of vaccination status.” Guests do not need to be vaccinated in order to attend.

While Florida has been known for not caring about COVID or the safety of people who are infected with the virus for the past two years, the streaming community was more concerned that a big-name streamer with such a large influence on young fans would do something that many saw as inconsiderate and dangerous.

In response to NICKMERCS post about meeting thousands of followers, one user replied; “So COVID doesn’t exist, huh?”

“There’s no way they examined everyone’s immunizations when there’s no mask in sight. You guys should definitely know better, you’re being extremely irresponsible “.

Despite the concerns, participants appreciated the event. One admirer expressed his gratitude for discovering NICKMERCS and his community. It was an opportunity for gamers who were cooped up during COVID last year to connect and instantly make friends.

“Yesterday was one of those days. Having all of my closest friends, family, and community together, living it up and making memories. Listen, I’m not an expert. But that, in my opinion, is what this is all about. Until we meet again, baby!”

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