Nickmercs Calls the New Warzone Event Awful

Two giant titans, King Kong and Godzilla have entered Call of Duty: Warzone. It is hard to miss this. You may not have guessed that I am referring to King Kong and Godzilla who arrived at Caldera in the Operation Monarch event.

Although crossovers may not be new in Warzone, they are a very popular option. Crossovers have been seen in Warzone featuring horror villains such as Leatherface or Billy The Puppet, and icons from 80s movies like John Rambo or John McClane. This can feel pointless and one streamer is not impressed.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Nickels recently used Twitter to voice his opinions about Operation Monarch. He’s not a fan.

It is true. Operation Monarch’s reveal trailer seemed to show a battle between King Kong, Godzilla and other giants. But they never actually interact. The two titans are merely props.

The main threat to you and your fellow players is still King Kong. You must now avoid getting trampled by King Kong, who rages all over the island. Or being destroyed by Godzilla’s atomic bomb.

Nickmercs was not the only one disappointed. DrDisrespect, a fellow streamer said that Warzone Event 2.2/10 was disappointing. Operation Monarch is being enjoyed by some. This is not the experience we expected, where King Kong and Godzilla would fight on the ground. The event will be open until May 25th, and you can see the classic monsters live, or at least in action.


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