NICKMERCS’ Claims Regarding Ash & Wraith

Before Ash’s addition to Apex Legends in Season 11: Escape, FaZe Clan content creator and Twitch streamer NICKMERCS expressed his concerns for Wraith.

Season 11 details have finally surfaced, confirming the addition of Ash as well as significant buffs to Static Defender Wattson. Since Respawn confirmed Ash’s abilities, there has been a lot of discussion about them. Her Passive, Marked For Death, allows her to interact with recently dropped death boxes on the map, revealing the killing team’s location. Arc Snare is her Tactical, which allows her to throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy who gets too close.

Finally, Phase Breach is the name of her Ultimate. This causes her to open a portal that can be phased through but, unlike Wraith, can also be opened upwards for access to higher ground.

NICKMERCS expressed his concern for Wraith after seeing these abilities during his October 29th twitch stream, implying that she will be “no more” when Ash arrives in-game.

He asked, if that is the new character and that as a result, players can aim up and it’s ult is insane. Many Apex Legends players have compared Ash to Wraith and Octane in the past, with many predicting a significant drop in their pick-rates as a result of her joining the Apex Games.

He went on to explain his thoughts, speculating that an early nerf for Ash could be in the works. He exclaimed about Ash’s abilities, and that he loves it so much and that for sure it’ll be nerfed because It’s just the way things are.

It’s unclear how balanced Ash will be when she launches, but based on player feedback and the data Respawn collects, she’ll almost certainly be tweaked.

There’s also the new bright and tropical Storm Point map to look forward to.

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