Nickmercs Closes Down Request From Fan

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has reiterated his stance on a full-time streaming return to Call of Duty: Warzone, stating that it will not happen anytime soon.

NICKMERCS has long been regarded as one of the most popular gaming streamers. His popularity prompted rumors that he would switch to YouTube, but he confirmed in October 2021 that he had signed a new Twitch exclusivity deal.

Some of his viewers, however, were disappointed by his departure from Warzone, the game that consumed the majority of his streaming time in 2021. Nick has since spent the majority of his broadcasts playing Apex Legends instead, citing issues with the BR such as cheating and bugs.

Although there has been some backlash to his decision, the streamer has largely stuck to his guns and has been dropping into Respawn’s BR rather than Activision’s. While he has visited Caldera on occasion, he has consistently stated that he will not switch to streaming Warzone full-time.

Many have chastised him for sticking with Warzone despite his comments, but in a January 22nd tweet, the streamer backed up his words. Some were disappointed by the news, but many admired the FaZe Clan star’s decision to play whatever he wanted. With so many issues plaguing Warzone right now, it’s no surprise that Nick is spending his time playing other games.

Cheaters have recently been seen flying around Caldera in big Bertha trucks, and texture bugs have made the game look like Roblox. Considering those factors, it’s hard to blame Nick for sticking with Apex Legends for the time being.

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