NICKMERCS Encounters Another Cheater

NICKMERCS was taken aback when he discovered a “different kind” of Warzone cheater wreaking havoc in his battle royale lobby where players can expect RICOCHET – Activision’s anti-cheat system – to be fully operational when the 2021 CoD title is released in November.

Players will be frustrated until then, as the Warzone cheating epidemic continues as we approach the release of the next game and anti-cheat. Warzone cheaters are still prevalent in almost every lobby, with no repercussions, though this is nothing new. A “different kind” of a cheater, on the other hand, stunned popular Twitch streamer Nicholas Kolcheff AKA ‘NICKMERCS’

The FaZe Clan co-owner was playing Warzone during a stream last October 15th when he came across a cheater who was different from the rest. He was briefly speechless as his squad was obliterated in a matter of seconds by the cheater. “Holy f**k, f**k, f**k, f**k, “That’s a different kind of cheater,” the Twitch streamer explained and continued saying that he’s done with the game.

As soon as NICKMERCS parachuted out of the gulag, he was gunned down by the same cheater in the sky.

The cheater was seen shooting Nick through the trees on the killcam, which the streamer mocked by saying that he can see through the trees and that’s a great shot and some great vision.

Cheaters in every lobby are nothing new to Warzone players. Fortunately, they only have a few days until RICOCHET is included in the game. There were fears that RICOCHET’s code had leaked online, but Warzone developers have since calmed these fears by stating that the leaked version was a ‘pre-release’ build.

Hopefully, Activision’s anti-cheat system will put an end to the cheating epidemic that has ruined the game for many players.

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