Nickmercs Loadout Will Dominate Caldera In Season 1

In Warzone Pacific Season 1, FaZe Clan YouTuber and content creator NICKMERCS revealed the NZ-41 as his weapon of choice, detailing his go-to loadout to dominate enemies.

Since the release of Warzone Pacific on December 8th, a slew of content creators have flocked to Caldera to test out the new maps, vehicles, and Vanguard weapons.

A former competitive Call of Duty and Fortnite player NICKMERCS who has spent recent streams enjoying Apex Legends, was one of them.

The FaZe Clan entertainer has already expressed his thoughts on why Caldera hasn’t lived up to Verdansk’s high expectations, and he revealed his Season 1 loadout in a December 11 YouTube video.

The NZ-41, a Vanguard assault rifle that also appeared in 2017’s CoD: WWII, is his weapon of choice; the full class is listed below.

  • F8 Stabilizer Muzzle
  • Orbweaver 360mm BC Barrel
  • G16 2.5x Optic
  • Ravenwood Padded, Ravenwood Padded, Ravenwood Padded, Ravenwood Padded
  • Frenzy is a perk.
  • Fully Loaded is the second perk.
  • Grip on the back: Polymer Grip
  • Sakura 50 Round Magazines, 6.5mm
  • Ammunition has been lengthened.
  • Carver Foregrip Carver Foregrip Carver Foregrip Carver Foregrip Carver Foregri

NICKMERCS’ NZ-41, like almost all Vanguard classes, makes extensive use of all ten attachments available to enhance the base weapon as much as possible.

The G16 2.5x optic is ideal for lining up enemies at medium ranges, and the rest of his attachments are guaranteed to make the NZ-41 a medium-range behemoth.

There’s also a fine line to be drawn between attachments that improve accuracy (like the Polymer Grip, Carver Foregrip, and F8 Stabilizer) and those that improve damage and overall firepower (like the Polymer Grip, Carver Foregrip, and F8 Stabilizer) (50 Round Mags, Lengthened ammunition, and the Orbweaver barrel).

Personal preference and playstyle will determine which secondary players take. Players may find it difficult to outgun SMGs up close, or LMGs and more stable ARs at longer ranges, because the NZ-41 thrives at medium ranges.

With this NZ-41 loadout, your primary will be difficult to beat, regardless of your secondary.

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