Nickmercs On Warzone

Although Warzone has been around for nearly two years and is still popular, popular streamer Nick  Kolcheff aka NICKMERCS believes its moment in the limelight is coming to an end if a ranked mode isn’t introduced soon.

When Warzone was published in March 2020, it quickly rose through the ranks, establishing CoD’s position as one of the most popular battle royale games following Blackout. It’s still one of the most popular games on the market after 19 months.

NICKMERCS cautioned in his newest YouTube video that if a few critical things don’t fall into place, everything might come crashing down. Simply enough, without a ranked mode, he said that “Warzone can’t survive” 

For months, both players and content creators have been begging for a ranked component. According to NICKMERCS, Warzone’s “longevity” could be jeopardized if it doesn’t arrive soon. 

During his most recent live broadcast, Nick revealed upon returning to Verdansk after three months away, stating; “That’s why Apex gained traction. If it wasn’t for ranked mode, I don’t think Apex would even be that crazy.” 

He added that allowing people to compete at their appropriate skill level and progress through the rankings “can really carry a game.”

Activision has stayed quiet on the potential of a ranked mode in Warzone for the time being. Despite the fact that Vanguard marks the start of a new era in the CoD BR, with Verdansk being replaced by a new Pacific map — something Nick himself is looking forward to – the highly-requested ranked mode has yet to be mentioned.


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